After we featured ‘I`ll be Gone‘, John Evans became our new favourite artist. North Wales based singer-songwriter has a sound that fans can’t get enough of. After hearing his single from his new EP, ‘Mother‘, we were overthrown with joy. The music is catchy, it’s beautiful, but most importantly it’s genuine. John has a gift of writing music and it touches the heart and soul of anyone who listens. The whole EP is fantastic and if you’re into that cinematic, indie-folk sound, look no further you just discovered your new favorite artist too. Take a listen and you’ll know exactly what we’re saying! Spread the word and be sure to connect with John Evans online to stay up to date on any future releases.”

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I grew up in a small rural town in North Wales and after finishing school and Art college embarked on an album debut with my school friends Alan and Linda Thompson under management contract with the Windings recording studio home to resident drummer Steve Washington of Take That fame and other work with artistes such as Lisa stansfield who sessioned on the album ‘Magicman E.P.’. See Redhill Website for more info:

After finishing Harlech Music college and graduating from Chester University  I worked on and released my self produced album ‘Life on a Hawaiian beach.

Now after taking a break from the reformed Redhill See ( ) I have been  working on my new solo album Still got the Blues with the help of some very dear friends of mine who contributed their rare talents to the album.

My latest project has been recording live versions of some of my songs in the studio with the band the Imperials which has just been released digitally as an E.P. titled John Evans & the Imperials appropriately enough. The project started a while ago whilst jamming with the guys at their local Jam Nights where they are the house band.

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My inspiration - Woodstock, my Brother and his American friend David

My first exposure to the Hippie American Counter Culture and Woodstock began when I was a young boy around 11 or 12 in the late 70`s early 80`s when my elder brother was working in the United States. He was driving tourists around places like the Grande Canyon and Salt Lake in a campervan around California. At this time, David, an american friend of my brother came over to the UK and called in on our family home.
The whole family were very happy to see him and he ended up staying with us for a few days. I remember he was very tall and used to put me on his shoulders and lift me up to our first floor landing! A very exciting thing for a innocent young 11 year old! At the time he was staying with us they broadcast the film of Woodstock on the BBC and I remember staying up late with him to watch it. I guess thats where a lot of my early inspiration to get into music came from, and from those days I began my musical journey to becoming a musician and songwriter inspired by the west coast rock and folk influenced bands such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor Lynyrd Skynyrd and so on.

During my time at University one of the first assignments we were given was to write an essay on a topic of your own choosing so for me the Woodstock event was my first choice. There is a rewritten condensed version of that essay on the blog pages here

I`m not sure if David, my brothers friend, realises what an influence those times had on me when we both sat down to watch Woodstock all those years ago? Perhaps one day we might meet again but I don`t think he`ll be putting me on his shoulders again! My brother sadly is no longer with us but he lived a life fuller than most people I know in his relatively short time with us and he was a huge influence on me musically, being a very talented musician and Music teacher himself. We all wish 'Paul' was still with us, The good always seem to be taken from us when we least expect it but his memory we all still keep.

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