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Pigstock Music Festivals

Pigstock the Movie Is about the Pigstock Music Festivals which were held annually in Denbigh between 1996 and 2005. The Festival played host to a wide array of bands and musicians both locally and Nationally including artists such as Amy Wadge (writing partener of Ed Sheeran fame), Nick Harper (Roy Harpers son / Have a cigar 'Pink Floyd') & even The Levellers in later years, all of whome feature in the films on the website as well as a host of local musicians to many to mention, but including : Pocket Venus, The Giro Gypsies, The Muffinmen, Straitjacket, Brian 'Liquorice' Locking (ex bass player of The Shadows and a mean Harmonica player) Redhill, Dave Onions, Firebrand, Geoff Durno, Midlife, Hooper, Sarah Davies, Nods Corner, Terminal (Hold on/the single), Paul Claxton, Steve Ricard, Kyla Brox, Wild Weasle, Sanchos, Y Moniars & many many more over the years... The events were a truly grass roots community endeavour and the whole community of Denbigh got involved seemingly in one way or another and the Films and website are meant to reflect the recognition of the efforts put into the events by the whole town...

PigFest Music Festivals

Two years ago the event was re-established by a new band of local heroes under the name PigFest and is very reminiscent of how the original festivals started out involving the entire local community and giving exposure for local upcoming talent and artists such as Martyn Peters whilst still maintaining the event as a great fun filled family day out, as Pigstock always did. I take my hat off to the organisers Leah, Darren, Paul and Lucy who do a great job and long may the event continue!

The events were and are held annually at the Plas Pigot Country Club in Denbigh (Hence the name)

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Martyn Peters Live at Pig Fest with Ether