Peter Jones

All songs here are written by Pete Jones and recorded back in the day at my Bodfari Cottage studio and The Rock Project studio in Denbigh, both now gone... This was Petes songwriting project which featured Russ Pierce on Vocals and myself singing Vocals on Dark Heart.

The Reverend Baker joined us on keys (Hammond) for 'Our New Year' and Ben Neil features on Drums for the first three tracks recorded at the Rock Project studio in Denbigh. All gutars and most bass parts are played by Pete with me playing bass on one or more tracks possibly if memory serves? And wearing my producers hat for the project...

I think the tracks still sound as fresh now as they did when we recorded them and I hope you enjoy listening to them.. I think you`ll agree Pete`s guitar work and melody arrangements are top class... Having gigged quite heavily with various bands including 'Midlife Crisis' and also recently jamming with the great Jazz player Gary Potter, as Pete said 'It was one of the best moments of his music playing career!' He is most definitley one of the best musical exports of Denbigh! Enjoy!

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Pete with Midlife Live at Pigstock