The nucleus of the band is Alan Thompson, his sister Linda and life long friend John Evans. We first began performing as “Redhill” in 1993, and after several successful years, decided to take a rest in 1998, as kids started arriving on the scene.
12 years later (!) and the band picked up where they left off with a renewed sense of purpose and a whole catalogue of exciting new material (yet to be recorded).

Redhill are regularly joined by other musicians including Cookie Baker, Chris Godfrey, Andy Durant, Sef Herman, Lee Davies, and Terry Jackson to name but a few…

Currently the band are not performing although the three of us (John Al & Linda) get together for the occasional Jam and its always great fun playing the songs together again....

This is our Live Album recorded at Theatre Twm o`r Nant - Download on iTunes!

--Redhill Albums- Available on iTunes!

This is our first E.P. Recorded at the Windings Studio download on iTunes !